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Memento quod ameris / Remember that you are loved
Memento quod ameris

Instructions for everyday rituals. With sweets by Tatiana.

Take a cigarette and choose if you would like to smoke it or empty it with your fingers. If smoking go outside and light it while placing a wish in your head. If emptying then take the tobacco out of the cigarette, put it in the cocoa container and make a wish.

Take a sweet and choose if you would like to eat it or sacrifice it. If eating let the sweet fill your tummy and receive its good energy. If sacrificing take the sweet and crumble it in the cocoa container. Look at the orange wall, call upon Oshun, and ask for what you want.

Take a strip of paper and write upon it your deepest wish. Fold it and either hang it inside the installation, or keep it in your wallet for 3 weeks.