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Artist statement

My art revolves around the theme of identity and can be traced back to my experiences with the presence of various ethnicities in my biological heritage. Belonging to different cultures requires the ability to connect cultural, emotional, and geographical opposites without losing oneself. By studying feminist art, queer theory, and intersectionality, I have learned to let go of the surrounding’s need for categorization and instead navigate freely between identities and artistic expressions as it suits me.

My artistic practice has a breadth that, when combined, creates a whole. I work with analog documentary photography because of its enduring qualities, sober representation, and ability to function as a witness and proof of existence. My guiding principle is that fiction rarely surpasses reality. Nevertheless, I create vibrant watercolors inspired by the paintings of Hilma af Klint and Georgia O’Keeffe, as well as by shamanism and Brazilian Candomblé, introducing a layer of spirituality and surrealism into my art. Additionally, there are political works in the form of activism, curatorial projects, happenings, performance, and experimentation with new forms of expression.

The importance of role models and visibility is also central. I engage with questions of representation and historiography, power perspectives, hierarchies, and who gets access to what by insisting on my participation, while it is equally important to grant access to others.

In short, I see my work as an exploration of the multifaceted nature of identity, and a constant reminder of the right to be authentically inconsistent.