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We are launching the project 100år!

For many Norway is the symbol of a privileged reality in which human rights and the right to vote is a given. But even in one of the most egalitarian societies in the world we have still not reached the goal of gender equality. For many Norwegians the word feminism is a four letter word. 100år! is a parade of exhibitions, events, seminars and workshops spanning all of 2013. It has taken more than 2000 years to build the concept of human rights and dignity. We want to celebrate the historical effort leading up to universal voting rights. 100år! has a critical focus on our times and how the right to control one’s personal life is still worth fighting for. Through art we seek to promote and encourage a diverse set of voices to be heard and to add new perspectives to issues such as the right to vote, equality, activism, power and representation.

The initiators of 100år! are Maya Økland and Hilde Jørgensen, Artists and Managers of KNIPSU, Malin Barth Art Historian, Curator and Director of Gallery 3,14, Helga Nyman Art Historian and Curator and Heidi Nikolaisen Artist and Assistant Professor of Photography at Bergen National Academy of Art and Design. The key feature is collaboration as process, which enables a diverse and complex program with a wide and mixed approach. The group wants to allow different traditions and discourses to meet and exist – side by side – in a polyphonous expression.

Have a further look at our website where we regularly will publish texts from artists, writers and thinkers throughout the year.

100år! is supported by the Norwegian Arts Council, the Freedom of Expression Foundation, Oslo (Fritt Ord), and the Bergen Academy of Art and Design.