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Anja Carr
Anja Carr

Anja Carr (b.1985 Bergen, Norway) studied at the art academies in Bergen, Berlin and Oslo. A colorful and self-centered dream world stand as a recurring element in her practice, whether it be sculpture, installation, video or performance. Carr has exhibited her works at the Museum of Contemporary Art (Oslo), Gallery Van Bau (Vestfossen), Hovefestivalen (Arendal), Gallery S.E. (Bergen), Hamburger Platz (Berlin), Art goes Kapakka festival (Helsinki) and W139 (Amsterdam) among others. This autumn Carr is also present at Høstutstillingen (Oslo), and with a solo show at the Akershus Kunstnersenter (Lillestrøm). Anja Carr lives and works in Oslo, where she also runs a space called Pink Cube.