curating > KNIPSU 2010-2015

The Pleasure of Negative Emotions
Group show

An exhibition at KNIPSU with
Mattias Härenstam
Jessie Kleemann
Iben Mondrup
Paula Muhr
Perttu Saksa

Curated by Maya Økland and Hilde Jørgensen

Opening Wednesday May 21st 20:00
with performance by Iben Mondrup and Jessie Kleemann 21:00
Thursday May 22nd 16:00
Talk by Winfried Menninghaus -Director of the Max Planck Institute for Empirical Aesthetics in Frankfurt
”Producing novel forms, alienating familiar ones: Affinities between experimental aesthetics and art production”
Komediebakken 9, Bergen
The exhibition stands from May 21st until June 15th
Open Thursday - Sunday 14 – 18